“Meet MarKus A”

"My creative journey is fueled by a mission to delve into the identity, culture, and societal nuances through art. I aim to create visually captivating pieces that evoke emotions and provoke thoughtful reflections. Ultimately, I strive to foster connections and understanding among individuals by exploring these profound and relatable aspects of human experience through my art."

La Voce di New York

“Art Against War”: Support Ukrainian Scholars, Journalists and People in Need

New York based art dealer Cuban Fine Arts and EUASU (the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Ukraine) started the project “Art Against War” to support scholars, journalists, photographers and people in need due to the present conflict in Ukraine. The participants in the project are Ukrainian artists who express the courage and unity of the Ukrainian people through their art..

Art Plugged

Introducing Nana Del Riego

CUBAN FINE ARTS GALLERY of New York City has recently signed Cuban photographer Nana del Riego. Influenced by the aesthetics of Cindy Sherman, Annie Leibovitz, and David LaChapelle, she delves into the use and abuse of the female image and the body as an object of exploration...


Artist Spotlight: Nana Del Riego

Though Nana del Riego has a degree in painting, her work is composed primarily of digital photography as a way to capture the immediacy and "reality" of the world today...


A Gendered Approach from the Position of Women: Aneli Pupo Rodriguez

"I am often asked who I am and how I see myself. The truth is I consider myself an ordinary woman... but I constantly concerns I cannot solve, so I found refuge in art... to sublimate that thought...


Feels Like Growth With Cavier Coleman

Our Feels like UGG campaign, starring Cavier Coleman, celebrates the 45th anniversary of UGG and the many expressions of our cherished heritage...


Why We Need More Renaissance Artists Like Cavier Coleman

Cavier Coleman (otherwise known as “Cavier”) is a local NYC treasure. He’s a prolific artist who dabbles in just about every creative medium, ranging from painting and collage to fashion designing and music production...


Exploring Female Identity with Alejandra Glez

The work of Alejandra Glez (b. Havana, Cuba, 1996) spans Afro-Caribbean religions, collective spirituality, and the spirituality that emanates from the relationship between human beings and the sea...


Music Industry Veteran Ed Steinberg On Cuban Art and Culture

What do Madonna, Duran Duran, Richard Artschwager, and Jean-Michel Basquiat have in common? The answer is Ed Steinberg. The music video producer and director (he’s credited with creating Madonna’s first music video in 1982 for the song “Everybody”) recently opened a gallery in the trendy neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn...


Can’t Make It to Cuba? This Brooklyn Show Brings Together the Vibrant Work of 7 Contemporary Cuban Artists

“Arte Cubano” brings together a vibrant mix of established and emerging Cuban artists. Artnet Gallery Network

Wide Walls

Reclaiming the Image of a Female Body - In Conversation With Nana Del Riego

The greatest trap ever set is the one you never even realized is there. The modern society, boasting to be the age of progress and enlightenment, is underneath all its beautiful and polished veneer driven by one thing – consumerism...


The Distance Between What We Feel and What We Say: Francisco Nunez Martinez

Born in Güines, Cuba on January 12th, 1963, Francisco Nunez Martinez is a steadfast fixture of the contemporary Cuban art scene. His work often features prominent Afro-Cuban cultural figures caught in striking moments of emotional dissonance...