MarKus-A  •  Selected Works

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, MarKus-A was exposed to art from a young age through the talents of his artistic family. As a child, he sold drawings of superheroes at school and later ventured into graffiti on the streets of São Paulo. In 1998, MarKus-A moved to Buenos Aires, where he discovered the works of Basquiat and Picasso through art magazines. He honed his skills as a self-taught artist and relocated to New York in 2016. His artistic style is heavily influenced by the streets of São Paulo, the vibrant scene of Buenos Aires, and the depth of New York's art world. He strives to create visually stunning and emotionally impactful art, exploring themes of identity, culture, and society. His work has been exhibited in galleries and art shows in New York, and he has been recognized for his artistic achievements with accolades. Most recently, he has adopted a new approach that transforms his artworks into unique NFTs.